Thursday, July 10, 2014

July 4th, 2014

My favorite day of the year!
I've lived in Spokane since I was 5 and not once have I been there for the 4th.
You will ALWAYS find me at our family's lake cabin in Montana for Independence Day.

I'm so excited to share my favorite spot in all the world with Calvin, and I hope he will grow to love it and cherish the memories we make there, as much as I do.

I was pretty stoked about his festive outfit this year!
I think we nailed it.
Hat, Sunglasses, Shirt, Shorts, Sandals

The weather was beautiful and warm and the lake (as usual) was cold, only about 64°F!
But that didn't stop the masses from jumping in!

1 - 2 - 3!!!

Cousin Riley was getting fancy, flipping in over and over again.

The Zorb (as we call it) was a hit too.
It's HILARIOUS to watch people fumble around in that thing!

Tristan thought Calvin should channel Matthew McConaughey before hitting the water.

"Alright, alright, alright..."

Our little water baby was awesome in the water until Tristan put him in up to his shoulders...
He wasn't quite so sure about that.

After dinner we threw on some long sleeves and pants, not so much because it was cold, but because of the mosquitoes, and sat by the outdoor fireplace before the fireworks.

Calvin kept saying "hot.... hot..." and pointing to the flames.

I tried soooo hard to get a decent picture of Calvin watching his first fireworks, but I'm definitely no professional photographer and this was (unfortunately) the clearest one I got...

Calvin was initially leery of the loud bangs, he kept saying "Oh no...." in a very concerned voice.
But as the show went on and the fireworks got bigger his observations changed to 
"Oh yeah... Again!!" and he liked telling everyone what colors they were.
He didn't quite make it through the entire show, he got pretty antsy as it got quite late.
We had A LOT of fireworks.
So we ended up putting him to bed just as the last booms filled the sky.

Paper lanterns are so pretty! Especially when they don't fall immediately into the water like they did last year. ;)

Another wonderful 4th!
I already can't wait for next year!

Monday, July 7, 2014

Happy Birthday to Me!

Wow, what a week!

As per usual we spent the 4th of July in Montana at my family's lake cabin.
We took off on Tuesday which also happened to be my birthday.
Before hitting the freeway Tristan ran in to our favorite coffee place Couer Coffeehouse. I asked him to grab me something to eat because in the craziness of getting us out the door, I didn't get breakfast.
He came back with this...

Apparently it's called the "Baconator" and weighs about a pound.
It's a cross between a croissant, a cheese danish and a maple-bacon bar.
It was ridiculous and you'd better believe I ate that thing in all of 3 minutes.

The first half of the drive was lovely.
Beautiful weather and gorgeous scenery as usual.
We stopped in St. Regis for lunch and to stock up at our favorite fireworks stand.
Calvin was not as thrilled about the second half of the journey...
He kept purposefully dropping things then shrieking that he couldn't get them back.
I spent a good amount of time torqued in various awkward positions trying to appease the cranky one until I finally had to give up before I really hurt my back.

We put him down for a much needed nap as soon as we got to the cabin.

After a rest we went and played outside!
Calvin LOVED throwing rocks into the lake.
That alone kept him busy for at least an hour every day.  

 Bubbles were a big hit too.

 An outside Calvin is a happy Calvin.

Tristan even took him out on a kayak!
That evening Tristan ran into Kalispell to pick up an Ice cream cake he had ordered for my birthday.

Having a bunch of people sing "Happy Birthday" to you is just as awkward as it was 20 years ago.

I got a couple cards and a super awesome cutting board my uncle made.
(I actually traded him for on of the humping reindeer hats I knit)
Isn't if Be-u-t-full!

And I got to end my birthday with one the prettiest views around...

Cheers to another year!

Stay tuned for tales from the rest of our trip!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Our Favorite Books Right Now - 1-2 Years Old

I know I've mentioned about a billion times how much Calvin likes to read.
We've spent hours and hours and hours (at Calvin's request) reading every book he can get his hands on.

We've amassed quite an impressive collection of books for him.
Our favorites tend to be board books with a good story.
Books with only 3 or 4 words per page just don't cut it anymore.

I LOVE when I can find classics I remember from my childhood in board book form.
Being able to share these stories is so special and the board books keep Calvin from ripping the pages as he enthusiastically turns them.
Or when he decides he needs to stand on them...

These are some of Calvin's favorites that we end up reading over and over again.
He knows them by name and will look for them specifically on his book shelf.

Caroline Jayne Church books
Mr. Men and Little Miss books

*Groupon has a bundle of new Mr. Men and Little Miss books written by Roger Hardgreave's son. I've gotten 2 sets of them so far. They're not board books, and they're VERY British as they include lifts, zebra crossings and queues, but you can't argue with the price.

I hope you guys look into these books and enjoy them as much as we do.
What books do the kids in your life love?
I'm always looking for suggestions.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Looking Forward to Summer

Last weekend was Father's Day and we celebrated by going out to Tristan's parent's house for dinner.
My Father in Law got a fancy new Traeger Grill and was dying to test it out on his famous Salmon Grilled on Cedar Plank.
Oh my geez it was delicious.

Calvin and I got Tristan the new Jim Henson Biography that just came out, and as exciting as it sounds, some new socks.
I know... we're WILD!
I also made sure we had a dozen Krispy Kreme donuts ready for breakfast.

Father's day was fun, but we're REALLY looking forward to this summer.
The Fourth of July in particular.

It's always, always, always been one of my very favorite holidays for several reasons:
It's 3 days after my birthday.
There are fireworks.
 Food. Beer. Smores.
And most importantly...
We get to spend time with family at our lake cabin in Montana.
Last year

I don't get to see my dad's side of the family very often and we have the most fun when we all get together.
I love our lake place so much that Tristan actually proposed to me there on the Fourth on July, right before the fireworks, in front of my entire family.

We're already gearing up and looking forward to the madness this year!

You guys know that I love to be festive for holidays!
Getting Calvin in a fun patriotic outfit for the fourth will be awesome, but I'm not into plastering him in Stars and Stripes.
I'm not going to drop my hard earned money on clothes he can't wear all summer.
So here's what I think I'm going for:

Jammies, Fedora, Hoodie, Plaid Shirt, Shorts, Keen Sandals, Swim Suit, Sunglasses

Fourth of July Festiveness without being TOO over-the-top

I have to say that we already have the Keen Sandals for Calvin and he LOVES them so much!
He hates to even take them off.
I love that they're sturdy enough for even the clumsiest toddler and I don't have to worry about him stubbing his toes or catching the sole on something, like I would if his toesies were exposed.
The only down side is that they make his feet stink!
I think stinky feet is just something I'm going to have to get used to. I'm pretty sure that generally most growing boys don't smell like roses.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

This Week

Things have been a little different this week at our house.
My mom and I left the boys to fend for themselves and took off last Saturday for a super quick trip to Seattle, and more importantly IKEA!

We walked down to the market, grabbed lunch did a little shopping (and a lot of people watching) then we hopped over to Kent for a visit with my Uncle and Aunt and one of my cousins.
It was so great to see them!
We spent the night at a hotel, grabbed breakfast and hit IKEA.
I think we were there for two and a half hours.
I needed 2 dressers and there was no shortage of amazing products to Ooh and Aaah over.
They were "over sold" on the dressers I originally wanted so I got some even bigger ones and will just have to find some nice handles to put on the drawers.
Once we payed and packed up the rig we hit the road home.
I was gone for 35 hours and I honestly don't think Calvin even noticed.

Monday was Tristan's turn to leave. He headed to the airport straight from work for a business trip to Oregon. I am anxiously awaiting his return late tonight.
Calvin, however, wont get to see him until tomorrow evening after he gets home from work.
Although we've missed daddy (and facetime is a God Send), we managed to keep super busy to pass the time:

Monday we went to the park with a couple of friends and our dogs.
Tuesday I worked late, so Calvin hung out with Grammy.
And yesterday my Sister, Brother-in-law and Step mom came over so I could take some pictures for them...
Looks like we have a niece on the way!

Calvin had fun running around the yard with Uncle Mike.

And today was my Niece Bella's last day of school so Calvin and I picked her up and we grabbed lunch and hung out for a few hours.
He loves his cousin "Weh-wa"

And in my "free-time"... HA! I've even managed to assemble one of the dressers all by myself!
(that smudge on the bottom drawer was just from the camera)
I had a moment of panic when I thought I was missing a piece, but was able to find it amongst the packing materials strewn about the basement.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend

I'm back!!!
Did you miss me?

Just kidding.
But seriously, thank you all for holding on during my unintentional hiatus.
Long story short: When I moved to my new salon, I took on another day at work. Previously, I was working 3 days a week. Now, I work 4 (and sometimes 5).
And let me tell you, my routine's all went to hell!
I thought "what's one day? I'll still be able to get things done." 
It's been 2 1/2 months now and I still just can't seem to find my balance.
While I LOVE my new salon, finding the time to cook, clean, work and blog on top of errands and laundry has not been easy.
I know all you working mom's can relate.
How do you get it all done?


This last weekend was Memorial Day and we took a (kind-of last minute) trip to my family's lake cabin on Flathead Lake in Montana.

We weren't originally going to go anywhere, but I'd been pretty stressed lately and just wanted to get the heck out of town.
Plus, We're going back for the week of the 4th of July and we're expecting A LOT of family, so I wanted a test-run to see how Calvin would sleep in the unfamiliar place.

We just put him on a twin mattress on the floor of the bedroom we slept in. We brought his sound machine and a small fan to buffer any other noises. It worked great! He slept like a rock and this is how he ended up in the morning.

My Dad, Step Mom, and Step Sister's came too.

We mostly just relaxed. The weather was shockingly nice for so early in the season, and while the water was still low it was just a crystal clear as usual.

Calvin had a fever the whole weekend and I knew he was trying to push through those lower cuspid's.
We knew he was really out of sorts when he fell asleep on Tristan's lap in front of the fire.
He would NEVER do that under any normal circumstances. 

Monday morning he woke up practically on fire. He was really thirsty, lethargic, he had a red bumpy rash on this upper thighs and arms and did not want to be put down. 
Of course I panicked, started packing up everything and was ready to throw him in the car, take off and get him home...
But, after a dose of Advil and some pancakes he was feeling much better. His temperature came down and the rash, which I think was just heat rash from being so warm, started to recede.
We still left a few hours earlier then I had originally planned but it worked out. 
He slept almost the entire way home (3 1/2 hours) so he obviously needed some extra rest.

He's been kind of grumpy ever since.
Both teeth are showing, but those canine's are a total bitch and take their dear-sweet time coming all the way in.
I feel like if I could get some real food in to his belly he'd feel better, but he straight-up refuses.
During lunch today he had a frickin melt-down because the noodles wouldn't stay on his fork.
Normally, if this was a problem he'd just pick them up with his fingers instead... not today.
So I put him down for a (much needed) nap and baked a couple loaves of lemon pound cake to calm down. 
Baking while frustrated... I have become my mother.

Cross your fingers he wakes up in a better mood.
(for the sake of us both!)

Monday, April 28, 2014

19 Months

19 months...
I've been asking myself how long I will continue these monthly updates.
The truth is, I do them for myself more than anyone else.
He changes so much in such a short amount of time, and I'm truly concerned I may forget it all someday.
So for now, they will continue.

Calvin has been SO much fun lately!
This kid cracks me up!
The other night, he started loading all the shapes from his Shape O Ball into his shark backpack and when they were all in there he grabbed the bag, yelled "BYE-BYE!" and ran to the back door.
It was hilarious.

He's very opinionated at this point too, which I'm sure is just going to get worse.
He knows EXACTLY which shoes he wants to wear, what he wants to drink, which book he wants to read and what toy he wants to play with.

Case in point: Eating his snack with daddy's hat on. The hat was non-negotiable...

He's absolutely obsessed with learning new things.

He can almost put every shape into his Shape O Ball without any help. Only the pentagon and hexagon trip him up.
He's got the majority of his basic colors down, although sometimes he just says everything is "yeyow".

He's getting really good at counting to 10, especially the 8-9-10! part.
He's figuring out the alphabet and can confidently identify all the vowels on his alphabet puzzle (including Y).

He's my little friend maker. He says "Hi!" and "Buh-bye" to every kid we walk past... and most of the adults. 
He really likes to high-five but if you "bump" knuckles with him he will walk up to every single person in the room to bump knuckles with them too.

If when he falls or runs into something, he pops back up and says "boom..." in a concerned voice.

His very favorite song is Ho-Hey by the Lumineers. He's been "singing" it for days now. It goes like this:
"*garbled toddler language* HEY! *garbled toddler language* HO! 
*indistinguishable words* HO!"

Basically, this age, while challenging at times, is super awesome.
I get all emotional and choked up at random times thinking about how much he's grown and changed since last year.